“We come to know this world as paradise when our hearts and souls are reborn through the arduous and tender task of living rightly with one another and the earth.”

—Rebecca Ann Parker, A House for Hope

It sounds so simple—learning to live rightly with one another—but this is the work of a lifetime. It is the central work of a Unitarian Universalist congregation.

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Add three more words—learning to live rightly with one another and the earth—and suddenly we can no longer deny how challenging this aspiration is. Protecting our planet is the imperative of our time, demanding that we change our priorities in our individual lives, in our communities, our nation, and our world. If there’s hope of making those changes, it lies in learning to live rightly with one another. This is my personal aspiration each day and what guides my work as a minister.

In the fertile ground of Unitarian Universalist community, we expand our capacities for living rightly with one another and the earth. We do our own work. We support one another in budding and blossoming as human beings. We rest in love when we are weary or injured. We become skilled in resolving conflict. We act together, amplifying our voices and increasing our power. We sing and play together, celebrating the beauty of life. We pray together, clarifying our vision, intention, and resolve.

This is the community with which I want to engage in “the arduous and tender task” of ministering.

As you explore this web site, you’ll learn what right relations means in my ministry and how life has brought me to this work. You’ll hear in my sermons how I call congregations and myself to live rightly with one another. You’ll learn how I hope to grow as a minister in partnership with a congregation, and you can consider whether it might be with yours.

We begin where we are. We begin today. Welcome!